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Knowledge based private joint stock company

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Areas of Activity

Clean and Renewable Energies

Mining Industries

Rail Transportation and Automotive Industries

Construction Projects

Basic Industries

Production Lines



Our Features


As a knowledge-based engineering company active in the field of electronics and power electronics, we have the responsibility and mission to provide engineering


Providing world-class complete services, leading the market and gaining the first rank in the sale of knowledge-based products


Innovation, creativity and continuous effort/Ethics/Customer orientation

About Us

 Rastin Electronics Pouya Engineering Company (REPCO) is a knowledge-based private company which is active in the field of design, engineering, Equipment Procurement and Manufacturing, Construction, production, manufacturing, commissioning, installation, repair and maintenance, as well as supplying electrical, electronic, power electronic, control, mechanical, electromechanical, telecommunications, instrumentation and industrial automation parts and equipment.

 REPCO, having professional managers, More than 2 decades of experience, and relying on the knowledge and capabilities of its experienced specialists and experts, as well as using advanced equipment, software, and modern technology, has put all its efforts into optimal use of existing facilities and resources in order to provide services needed for the development, promotion and progress of various industries of the country.

 Since its establishment (2012), REPCO has always put creativity, innovation, customer orientation, responsibility, competitiveness, knowledge-oriented and team work at the forefront of its activities, and by the grace of God, it has been able to take important steps in the field of in-house manufacturing and localization of some of the most complex technologies in the world in the field of electronics and power electronics.